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KEVIN BENN – ‘Coach K’

Kevin Benn was born in Baltimore Maryland 1982 and started playing basketball at the age of 15. Being one of 5 children and a father in the military, life for the children and stay at home mum was at times quite tough.
Kevin’s passion for basketball began when he would go to the park with his dad and friends on the weekends where they would play basketball sometimes from morning to night!
One special day, Kevin dunked on 3 people in the park and knew from that moment on that he had found his passion and wanted to play basketball.

It was in 1997 that Kevin tried out for his first basketball team at Mergenthaler High School in the 10th Grade. He had no real knowledge about the game so he worked extremely hard to get recognition because he knew that he had strength in basketball and wanted others to see that too.   After a successful tryout came an even better season.
Kevin was then recruited by Woodlawn High School and over that summer was on the AAU team with Carmelo Anthony.

At the end of Kevin’s senior year, he was scouted by Pensacola Junior College in Florida (now known as Pensacola State) and played in the NCAA DIV1 Panhandle Conference where he played memorable seasons receiving the Most Improved Player Award [2001] as well as an Honourable Mention [2002]

Through that time, Kevin trained with NBA players such as Joel Anthony and Reggie Evans who continued on to play with multiple teams over many seasons throughout the NBA.

After graduating from Pensacola College Kevin attended Georgia College and State University and played for one season [2002] finishing up there in 2003 to relocate to Orlando Florida, where he began to prepare for overseas basketball.  Kevin participated in the PRO/AM league playing against players such as Vince Carter and other professional players in the NBA and Euro League.  Kevin stayed in Florida throughout 2003 & 2004 and through that time was training with the Orlando Magic team gaining extremely valuable knowledge and experience from training with players like Grant Hill and Dwight Howard.

Kevin moved to Las Vegas in early 2005 to train with the Las Vegas Rattlers under the ABA banner and found himself with a difficult decision to make as the team decided to pull back from the competition league with players left wondering where basketball would take them, Kevin included and he had no idea how he was going to build his career moving forward.

Kevin decided to move to Melbourne towards the end of 2005 to be with his girlfriend at the time (now wife) and while training at MSAC one day was approached to join the McKinnon Cougars in 2006 and spent the summer of that off season with the Melbourne Tigers NBL team under the supervision of Simon Mitchell, Vince Crevelli and Al Westover.
In season 2007/08, Kevin played for the Westerport Steelers receiving multiple awards and dominated the BigV League.
Over the summer of 2009, Kevin was recruited by Matt Shannahan to play with the Waverley Falcons in the BigV State Championships where he won back to back State Titles with the Falcons.

At that time, an unfortunate knee injury force Kevin to end his playing career but allowed him to continue his love and passion for basketball through coaching, passing on the knowledge and experience that Kevin had learned along his amazing basketball career to others so that he can help them grow and build on their passion for basketball.

In March 2018 with all injury issues behind him, Kevin was Head Hunted by the Frankston Blues SEABL team and enjoyed intense training and games for the entire SEABL season!

A New Chapter For Kevin Is Here and He’s Excited!!


Kevin now wants to share his knowledge and help our Aussie Basketball Players reach their potential and make their dreams a reality!

U14 Boys National Championship Coach for the AAU Australia Spring Madness Tournament.  Kevin Took the boys all the way over 4 days of intense games against very strong teams from all over Australia.

Awards and Achievements:
[2001] Pensacola Junior College Freshman Div1 Panhandle Conference Most Improved Player
[2002] Pensacola Junior College Div1 Panhandle Conference Honourable Mention
[2002] S. Degree in Recreation Technology
[2005] Mckinnon Cougars Under 14’s Head Coach Metro3 Runners Up
[2007] Westernport Steelers BigV League MVP
[2007] Westernport Steelers BigV All Star Forward
[2008] Westernport Steelers BigV All Star Forward
[2008] Westernport Steelers BigV Leading Rebounder 18RPG
[2008] Westerport Steelers BigV Under 16’s Head Coach Metro1 Runners Up
[2010/11] Waverley Falcons BigV State Championship Back to Back Champion
[2011] Waverley Falcons VC2 Under 16 Head Coach Champion
[2013] Keysborough Cougars BigV All Star Forward
[2017] Waverley Falcons BigV State Championship Runners Up
[2018] SEABL Frankston Blues Player
[2019] BigV Div1 Westernport Steelers Player
[2019] AAU Australia Spring Madness Tournament U14 Boys National Championship Coach


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